Sprint Review: Opel Adam Rocks

A new car, lots of information in short paragraphs.

What you need to know: The Opel Adam is a modern, stylish and compact city car in the mould of Audi’s A1 and the desirable Mini. Arriving rather late to this party of trendy runabouts, Opel even named it after its founding father and gave it plenty of style and proper technology to stand a fighting chance.

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Vergelyking: Audi 1-6

Terugflits in die Verlede!

Dit gebeur nie elke dag dat ons opeenvolgend die “intreemodel” en een van die topmodelle van ‘n vervaardiger ná mekaar ontvang nie. In hierdie geval was dit Audi se A1 en die groot A6, twee modelle waarin die groot broer amper twee maal duurder is as die kleiner een.

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Tested: Audi A1 1.8 TFSi Sportback

The boutique quality

The Audi A1 first saw the light of day in 2010 so – as is the way with modern cars – it was recently upgraded to give it an automotive shot in the arm before the new version comes along in a few years. I’ve learnt quite a number of things about this car since 2010 and also after my recent test of this A1 1.8 TFSi Sportback.

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Tested: Audi S1 Sportback

The mental case

Today I bring you further evidence that Audi has gone a bit mental. Not content with building quality motor cars, their engineers have produced fine fast cars over the years. After building such monsters as R8, RS7, S8, RS4 and S3, they recently cornered the tiny A1, looked at each other and nodded quietly.

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Launched: Opel Adam

The new jam

The Opel Adam is an important little car. With the German manufacturer reeling from internal struggles and slumping sales, Adam represents the spearhead of their new market onslaught. Named after Opel’s founder Adam Opel, it’s akin to Ford calling their new car “Henry”. It’s a big deal.

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