The WRC has a new winner and a new record to boast about.

Arguably the fastest event on the 2021 World Rally Championship calendar, the Rally Estonia event this weekend saw the crowning of a new youngest-ever event winner. Simoultaneously, Toyota also took its sixth victory of the seven-event old 2021 championship.

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Toyota wins epic Safari challenge

Toyota, who is renowned for its World Rally Championship Safari Rally victories, won the 2021 edition yet again. Simultaneously, Sebastien Ogier/ Julien Ingrassia also took their fourth victory of the season as their biggest title rivals retired. Takamoto Katsuta / Dan Barritt also claimed their first ever podium with Toyota Gazoo Racing, whilst rally favorite, Thierry Neuville / Martin Wydaeghe again found themselves with bad luck, having to retire from the lead.

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Toyota ready to uphold its name at the 2021 Safari Rally

While Mitsubishi and Subaru might have taken victory on several occasions during the history of the Safari Rally, no other manufacturer has been as successful as Toyota between the WRC Safari Rally years of 1973 and 2002. During this time, the Japanese manufacturer took the chequered flag on eight occasions. With Team Gazoo Racing already being so dominant in 2021, will we see yet another win from them this year?

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Lineage: Audi RennSport

The Audi-Porsche Genesis

Audi Sport, a name that can not be mentioned without a referral to the Group B (or rather the “Golden”) Era of the World Rally Championship in the 1980’s. While it was short-lived, it was Audi, who took the first step in creating a four-wheel drive rally car, intriguing other manufacturers like Peugeot, Lancia, MG and Ford to join the fight.

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The motorsport conundrum

Text: Franco Theron and Junaid Samodien

Since the dawn of the 19th century, motorsport has always existed due to two key factors. Through the decades, these factors have either worked together very closely and successfully or either against one another, proving unsustainable for the sport. These two factors speak to the needs of the spectators as well as the big manufacturers (brands). The following article will analyse the movement of the motorsport world into different directions, perhaps towards an imbalance between the two factors.

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Launch Report: 2016 Hyundai H1 update

The bang bus

As our first launch report for 2016, it’s only fitting that it should start with a bang. Bang for your buck, that is. In a market where small city runabouts long surpassed six figures and compact luxury sedans are pushing half a bar, it’s great to know that Hyundai’s updated H1 bus range represents excellent value.

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