Launched: Toyota Corolla [2013]

The household appliance

I’m not a connoisseur of household appliances. Although I always try to purchase those of reputable brands, the only time I splashed out on something extravagant for the kitchen was when Mr. Porsche made a kettle. Other than that, I tend to ignore tumble dryer sales and don’t subscribe to Appliance Enthusiast magazine.

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Launched: Nissan Almera [2013]

The circling respect

Perception. It’s a funny old thing that, teaching us that opinions and tastes will always differ. I was on the brink of writing what could’ve been the shortest review ever when I decided to shift my perception of the car in question and give you more than just one opinion of the new Nissan Almera.

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Tested: Honda Civic iDTEC

The individual look

In a perfect world, we’d all drive the same car. Wait, did I just type perfect? I meant imperfect. One of the greatest luxuries we have is choice, the ability to indulge our individual tastes. You drive a Golf, he drives a Focus, she drives a Hyundai and I’ve got a Civic.

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Bekendstelling: Toyota Auris [2013]

Toyota wys sy nuwe Auris

Ontmoet mens die huidige dinamiese en charismatiese hoofuitvoerende beampte van die Toyota maatskappy, Akio Toyoda, is dit byna vanselfsprekend dat die familienaam êrens ‘n aansluiting moet hê met die produk self.  En dit is dan ook inderdaad so.

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Comparison: Honda Ballade vs Renault Fluence

The foolish newbies

Please excuse my nonsensical ramblings this week; I’ve just had two of my wisdom teeth extracted. Despite being twice as stupid as before, I finally decided to compose a comparative test between two cars I drove back-to-back: the new Honda Ballade and Renault Fluence.

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Padtoets: Hyundai i30

Méér as net ‘n papiertier uit die Ooste

Teen hierdie tyd het ons al begin gewoond raak aan Hyundai se nuwe neiging om hulle motors nommers eerder as name te gee. Dis nogal jammer want die Getz en Elantra en Atoz het vir baie mense al ‘n deel van hulle daaglikse woordeskat geword. Maar mense is aanpasbaar en syfers is seker daar om te bly!

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