Tested: Volvo S60 T6 Polestar

The exciting stuff

Volvo isn’t really known for red-hot performance cars although brand aficionados and the odd GTi pilot will attest to the rapidity of older Swedish metal sporting “T5” or “T6” badges. In more recent times, there’s been a new sticker adorning sporty Volvos – a cyan blue square with the word “Polestar”.

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Advertorial: Supercar Drive Days

Gift Experience South Africa: Super Car Drive Days

Have you ever dreamt of driving a supercar? Sure you have, why else would you be reading this? Your dream might just be within reach now if one innovative South African company has anything to do with it! We were recently invited by one of our biggest advertising clients, Gift Experience South Africa, to participate in one of their Supercar Drive Days for the public – a first on the continenent. 

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Tested: Mercedes-AMG GT S

The ridiculous treat

It’s early afternoon sometime in the late eighties and a young teenage version of the author is sitting on a Windhoek sidewalk near his school waiting for a parental pick-up. Suddenly a big white Mercedes roars into sight, stops at a nearby junction and disappears again with howling tyres and booming V8 thunder.

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Bekendstelling: 2016 Mercedes-Benz A-Klas

Mercedes-Benz stel sy nuutse veranderinge aan die generasie A-klas bekend

Die nuwe generasie A-klas het in September 2012 sy intrede in die mark gemaak.  As gevolg van die groot sukses wat hierdie model wêreldwyd bereik het is produksie vanaf Rastatt in Augustus 2013 na Valmet Automotive Sales in Finland uitgebrei.  In Brittanje het verkope verlede jaar met 46% en in die groeiende mark in China met meer as 50% gestyg alhoewel die meeste verkope nog steeds in Duitsland is.

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Top 5: Crazy Rides

Let us guess. You are the kind of person who can identify most cars by their sound. You have seen every episode of Top Gear. You enjoy the smell of freshly-burned rubber. Petrol attendants start dancing when they see you coming and the local tyre retailer knows you by your first name. You need a list of cars that’ll excite you. You need this top5…

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Tested: Mercedes-Benz CLS400

The new Eleanor

I finally met Eleanor – my automotive unicorn. No, she isn’t a grey Mustang but, much like in the modern Gone in Sixty Seconds movie, this car has given me a proper runaround. With three cancelled bookings and a premature departure from my house, I now know that my Eleanor is a Mercedes-Benz CLS400.

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Sprint Review: Mercedes-Benz CLS63 S AMG

A new car, lots of information in short paragraphs.

What you need to know: The Mercedes CLS is a four-door coupé, which means that it’s technically a two-door car with four doors. This brazen contradiction is quite elegant and practical though, proven by the CLS’ popularity – built since the mid 2000’s, this model is the second generation of this car.

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