Top 5: Tow Vehicles

So it’s finally holiday time and you’re off to the coast with your boat to visit the in-laws. Or perhaps your daughter got a new horse for Christmas? In both cases you have our sympathy.

Jokes aside though, here’s our little list of cars that can tow big loads, arranged by number of models and total weight. Please note that we based this list on manufacturer’s figures and advise that you confirm any data with your local retailer.

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Sprint Review: Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi SE Auto

One new car, lots of informative little paragraph

What it is: Nissan’s Pathfinder is a big, hardy SUV with a generous body on an old-school ladder frame. Unlike bakkies though, it has car-like rear suspension. Available only with (selectable) 4WD, choose between an auto turbo-diesel V6, manual or auto 2.5 four-cylinder turbo-diesel. This is the latter model.

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Bekendstelling: Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 4×4 SE

Goeie nuus vir Nissan aanhangers – en ook ander!

Nissan van Suid-Afrika het so-pas ‘n baie netjiese skuif gemaak. Die prys van die uitstekende Pathfinder, waaroor ons voorheen al met soveel lof geskryf het, het met nagenoeg N$100 000 geval om hierdie begeerlike en taai 4×4 nou binne die begroting van soveel meer mense te kan plaas.

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