Whatever happened to…?

We’re unsure what the scientific term for them is but let’s call them fanfare heroes… entering our market with a huge bang only to go straight down the slippery slide of obscurity. Y’all know what we mean, right? Here, allow us to explain.

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Top 5: Tow Vehicles

So it’s finally holiday time and you’re off to the coast with your boat to visit the in-laws. Or perhaps your daughter got a new horse for Christmas? In both cases you have our sympathy.

Jokes aside though, here’s our little list of cars that can tow big loads, arranged by number of models and total weight. Please note that we based this list on manufacturer’s figures and advise that you confirm any data with your local retailer.

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Top 5: Sound Systems  

Today we are counting down the list of thee most impressive sound systems we’ve ever heard in a car. Please note that this excludes any aftermarket SPL monster installs because our friend Jonas with his speaker-drenched Citi Golf Designa would knock everyone off this page and make you deaf.

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Tested: Infiniti Q50 Premium 2.0t

The styled saloon

Are you a fervent individualist? A free thinker who likes to avoid the mainstream and make a statement with your choice of car? If this perfectly describes you, and your motoring history includes SAAB, Lexus, SEAT and such like, you may want to consider this new Infiniti Q50 as your next purchase.

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Tested: Infiniti EX37

Something truly special

Most people in South Africa associate luxury vehicles with the three German manufacturers that dominate this market sector. However, I’ve recently become a fan of the latest offerings from Japan. This move was spearheaded by Toyota with Lexus now fairly established in the country but Nissan’s new Infiniti brand is no less impressive.

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Padtoets: Infiniti FX 30d S

Met Nissan se nuwe vlagskip die oneindigheid in!

Om met só ‘n nuwe kraakvars maar feitlik onbekende motor soos die Infiniti FX langpad te ry, het sy verrassings. Op die vakansierit na die Oos-Kaap was ons dikwels deur verbygangers gestop, een man het spesiaal omgedraai en my agternagesit om te kom vra: Nou wat se ryding is dit dié! Dan elke keer dieselfde antwoord: Dis Nissan se vlagskip, soos Lexus die vlagskip van Toyota is!

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