I am BMW

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention and hopefully you realise I am not a Bavarian automobile. What I am trying to do is poke a red hot stick into the side of those ridiculous estate agent claims. You are Stellenbosch? Yeah, I don’t think so. You look like a standard-edition human being to me.

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Top List: Boot Space

Ag no man. Your mother-in-law is coming along on holiday and the kids want to take ALL their toys and sports equipment along. Where are you going to fit all of this?

Perhaps you have already invested in a sizable trailer and decent roof-top box but your car simply can’t handle more luggage. Well, we at NamWheels love to help and have compiled a list of cars with at least 400L of luggage space. Big enough to put your skoonma in the boot.

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Top 5: Tow Vehicles

So it’s finally holiday time and you’re off to the coast with your boat to visit the in-laws. Or perhaps your daughter got a new horse for Christmas? In both cases you have our sympathy.

Jokes aside though, here’s our little list of cars that can tow big loads, arranged by number of models and total weight. Please note that we based this list on manufacturer’s figures and advise that you confirm any data with your local retailer.

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Sprint Review: Audi A6 1.8 TFSi

One new car, plenty of information in random bits.

What you need to know: The Audi A6 is a medium luxury sedan which, while hugely popular overseas, joins its brethren from Mercedes and BMW in the friend zone. Everyone respects them but buys their smaller brothers (A4, C-Class and 3-Series) while lusting after the big A8, S-Class or Seven Series.

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Tested: Audi A8 V8T

The understated confidence

Sometimes I wonder if car reviews are actually read and appreciated by the subject’s prospective buyer. Whereas I’m sure that small hatchback and family sedan shoppers do a substantial amount of homework before hitting the showrooms, do the punters of an Audi A8 long wheelbase do the same?

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Tested: 2012 Volkswagen CC V6

The sleek attempt

Time for a quick course in German. Volk means Nation and Wagen means Vehicle; more or less. Combine the two with the obligatory “s” in between and you get Nation’s Vehicle or, if you like, People’s Car. Despite a faint whiff of socialism, that’s what Volkswagen stands for – the nation’s vehicle.

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Tested: 2011 Audi A6 3.0 TFSi quattro

The middle choice

So the year’s almost over and you’ve been playing with the idea of a new luxury German car. The C-Class, A4 and 3-Series are just too obvious and plentiful. The A8, Seven and S-Class are too big, which just leaves you with the 5-Series, E-Class or the new Audi A6.

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Tested: 2011 Jaguar XJ Portfolio TDV6

The frugal feline

Inspired by one of my favourite songs, Sting’s “Stolen Car” (Take me dancing), here follows a declaration of love to something that’s completely out of my league: the Jaguar XJ 3.0 TDV6 Portfolio. And just like Mr. Sting, I imagined the conduct of its rightful owner as I enjoyed my brief time with the big Jag.

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